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Zan’s Refuse Service Inc.

Zan’s Refuse Service Inc. had a problem, there was a new competitor in the area and they were losing business to them. Most businesses have this issue at some point, the competitor is touting lower prices, they have different services or more services and they are cutting into your market. Zan’s was concerned and wasn’t sure how to react and deal with the new competitor, so the owners reached out to J Drake Graphic Design and Third Marble Marketing to help develop a strategy to improve their online presence. Our initial strategy sessions consisted of us brainstorming ways to improve the website traffic and change their brand image. We developed a course of action that involves reworking the website so that it is more mobile responsive, has “Call To Action and Click To Contact” buttons and does a better job of explaining their Brand Narrative. We are implementing a Google Ads Words pay per click campaign as well as creating new content for a Blog post. This three pronged strategy attacks several issues; we are able to provide better customer service and support, we are able to reach out to new customers and we providing content that shows that Zan’s Refuse Service is an expert in their field.


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March 20, 2018

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